About Us

Since the 70s we do our best to share the beauty of Murano glass, with the chandeliers, lamps and glass, accessories that we offer to our customers every day. The best of craftsmanship, directly from the Venetian factory.

From the founder Carlo, we have now reached the third generation. We export our Venetian chandeliers and glass products all over the world. Every product is made by our Venetian furnace respecting the handcrafting criteria of the ancient art of Murano glass.

The Venice Chandelier industry is an ancient, timeless art that embodies the best of the history of Venice and its craftsmanship. All the knowledge and passion for the glass processing, today has become a modern and contemporary product, able to satisfy the most refined tastes of our customers.

As each chandelier is made by our furnace we are able to provide you a complete line of products to decorate your house at wholesale prices, and we can provide all the needed spare parts to complete your purchase.

Our goal is to give you the best buying experience and a high-grade customer satisfaction. We are always able to repair any damage or damage to your pieces. Not only for the Chandeliers but also for the mirrors, Venetian cages, lanterns, Venetian blinds and to all our products. We provide INSURED WORLDWIDE shipping. You will be guaranteed to receive your precious product in perfect conditions along with the guarantee of originality of the true Venetian craft product.