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Arcobaleno Mask

In stock
Height 15 cm
Width 8 cm

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Country of Manufacture Italy
Height 15 cm
Width 8 cm
Delivery time 21 Working Days
Shipping costs from € 15
Package type for shipping T13

Arcobaleno Mask : authentic and artistic Venetian Mask in Murano Glass, worked following the technique handed down for generations.

Made by hand using various techniques, including the blown glass technique; available with various decorations in gold and silver leaf, millefiori murrina, sbruffi and more, with different sizes and colors. Many ideas to tastefully embellish the interior spaces of the home and office, combining them with various styles of furniture such as modern and classic, or even vintage.

The objects represent the maximum expression of the craftsmanship and dexterity of the glassmakers who create unique pieces. In fact, each object shows details that distinguish it from another, for this reason the Arcobaleno Mask in Murano Glass is truly unique and original.

The Glass of Venice represents an excellence of made in Italy, worked for centuries in the furnaces of the island of Murano. Each creation is unique, characterized by a complex process carried out by hand without the use of machinery. The Murano artistic masters manage to shape the glass in every shape. All items are accompanied by our certificate of authenticity.

Each product or replacement part is accompanied by certificate of Originality and Warranty.

Each product is equipped by certificate of Originality and Warranty.

All shipments are 100% insured and made with express courier

All shipments are 100% insured and made with express courier

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