Original Murano glass from the Glass Masters

Vetro di Murano Originale dai Maestri Vetrai
All creations directly from the Furnace of Murano

Welcome to MuranoLampStore, here you will find the Real and Authentic Murano Glass, worked and modelled exclusively by hand just as it is used to be.

For more than forty years we have been producing not only Murano glass chandeliers but also sconces, lamps and ceiling lights in our furnace in Venice, and to date we have illuminated more than 150,000 private houses and commercial centers all over the world.

All products with Warranty and Originality certificate

Our mission/goal is to guarantee the high quality of our handmade product in Murano Glass through the Murano-Venice Certificate of Guarantee, which certifies the overcoming of the quality control of Glass and of every rigorously handmade/manual procedure implemented to get to the final product.

Stamped and signed by our operators as seal of quality of the Made-in-Italy product, the certificate of guarantee accompanies every shipped product.

Packaging and shipping with attention to every detail

Thanks to the passion and care we put in facing every day our artisanal work, the packaging and shipments of our handmade products in Murano Glass reach every part of the world.

The shipments, indeed, are always 100% insured in order to guarantee to our clients the highest safety and reliability.

The Customer Care Service MuranoLampStore is always available to support its Customers; for any technical or general information, our experts are ready to provide all the necessary support.

You can easily contact us via whatsapp at +39 3924006404 from Monday to Saturday 9:00am – 7:00pm GMT or 24h/24 via info@muranolampstore.com

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