Murano Glass Chandelier “Pastorale”


Color Or 24k Gold 24K Or 24k et Azur Gold 24K Green Green Blue Blue Pink Pink Amber Amber Pink and gold 24k Pink and Gold 24K Blue and gold 24k Blue and Gold 24K Green and gold 24k green and Gold 24K Crystal Crystal Light Blue Light Blue
Lights 3 Lights 5 Lights 6 Lights 8 Lights 10 Lights 12 Lights
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Artistic Murano glass chandelier, exclusively handmade, without the use of moulds, thanks to the techniques that our Master glass makers pass from father to son. This traditional model with smooth technique is completely new when created in six beautiful colours. All our chandeliers have a Warranty Certificate. Artistic hand made Murano glass chandelier, made without moulds by our glass Masters, whose art is handed down from father to son. This model, made with the use of “Ribbed glass” technique, with pastoral leaves is very slim, but at the same time enriched by the simplicity of the leaves. It can decorate any environment, from classic to modern. It is named “Pastoral” because of the bishop’s crozier, that leads the people to the Faith. All our chandeliers have a Warranty Certificate.

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Weight 1 kg