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Goods Return instructions

To request a Goods Return Note, the Customer must send his Goods Return request within 14 days from the order’s reception:

– mail to stating the order’s number (which is provided with the purchase confirmation e-mail) accompanied by the Customer’s complete name.

Once the Goods Return request has been received, Murano Lamp Store will send a written confirmation to the Customer, within which a Goods Return Authorization Number (R.A.N) is provided. The Goods Return methods will be specified within the Goods Return Authorization e-mail. It will be Murano Lamp Store’s charge to send a courier to pick up the returned good within the fixed time.

A unique free Good Return is provided for each authorized Goods Return. 

Goods Return – Terms and Conditions

Each product must be returned with all its labels, packages and original accessories which were delivered together with it. All the products and accessories must be returned together with their original package, which is considered a product’s integral part and must not have been damaged nor altered in any way.

In the possibility that the Customer received flawed goods, or if Murano Lamp Store committed any shipping errors, it is required to follow the same instructions listed above.

Murano Lamp Store reserves the right to request photographic evidence before authorizing a Goods Return and paying to ship back the Returned Goods.

All the Returned Goods are inspected by Murano Lamp Store and must satisfy all the parameters listed in the Goods Return instructions. Murano Lamp Store reserves the right to establish a charge for the cases in which the Returned Good doesn’t satisfy all the Terms and Conditions required by our Goods Return policy.

Murano Lamp Store reserves the right to refuse unauthorized Returned Goods.