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All the contents (texts, images, graphics, layouts etc.) present on the website www.muranolampstore.com are owned by Besanza s.a.s. di Zanini S. & C.. The graphics, photos, videos and contents, unless otherwise specified, belong to Besanza s.a.s. by Zanini S. & C.

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However, in consideration of the peculiarity of Murano products, specifically the products for sale on the muranolampstore.com site, are made by furnaces that make the same Murano glass items also for other reseller companies. It is therefore possible that the images on this site are used as a sales tool by other e-commerce or companies. Therefore, Besanza s.a.s. can not in any way control the use of such proprietary photographic material both for the intrinsic nature of the object and for the manufacturing origin of the depicted product.

In detail:

For products in the Lanterns or Venetian Cages category, all images are authorized by the manufacturer, any re-use must be requested from the rightful owner on the Siru.com website;

For the Vistosi product category, all images are authorized by the manufacturer and their use must be requested by the rightful owner on the Vistosi.it website;

For a part of the Classic and Cà Rezzonico products part of the images are authorized by the furnaces that make the products including Sylcom.com.

For all other products, the images depicting the Murano glass items are photographic realizations produced by or on behalf of Besanza s.a.s .; therefore owned and disclosed in the manner indicated below:

In the case of non-branded products present on the site, therefore, under the MuranoLampStore brand of Besanza s.a.s. by Zanini S. & C., the images can be reused only if requested in advance via certified e-mail as well as the obligation to provide the purpose of use and the link to where they will be published.

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