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From the processing of Murano glass, with authentic and ancient techniques, which allow you to create authentic works of art. All products are made by Murano glass masters in our Venetian furnaces. Chandeliers, sconces, ceiling lights, and lamps are unique. See All

Venetian lanterns


Venetian lanterns

Venetian lanterns represent the classic of Venetian lighting. Made according to the ancient Murano glass technique, inside an iron cage that encloses the glass in an embrace and highlights the beauty of Murano glass. See All

Vistosi: modern and classic artistic lighting

Refined Art


Vistosi works Murano glass by raising quality with unique products... Chandeliers, ceiling lights and showy appliqués are all handmade. The refined design combined with the new LED technologies make Vistosi products beautiful and functional. See all

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Our experience and with the collaboration of architects and interior designers, we create splendid lighting projects for every need. The skill of our masters in shaping glass allows you to create any object or Murano glass chandelier. With a large and complete collection such as modern Murano chandeliers that have an application in contemporary contexts, but always remaining in a context of Venetian chandeliers with a unique style. Learn More

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La Fornace Besanza

Manufacturers of Murano glass chandeliers

Our Venetian Furnace

The main medium of a furnace is the oven. Designed and built according to the ancient Venetian tradition; the production cycle of the oven is continuous, day and night, it is never turned off except during the period of closure of the furnace for maintenance. At the end of the typical working day in the furnace, the master glassmaker prepares the "Crucible" or the set of various substances necessary to create Murano glass. Find out more about the furnace

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Our Murano glass products are always on offer. At any time of the year you can find many opportunities with us and save a lot. Discounts of 5% that often go up to 50% . Don't miss your chance, check immediately if your favorite Murano glass chandelier or object is already on sale. Take advantage now, often shipments are free for orders from € 250, simulate the purchase and check in the cart if you are lucky today. Discover all the active offers